How To Build A Theater Seating Riser Platform. Instructions & Information

Platform Riser Detail

These suggestions are provide as guidelines. We cannot take responsibility
for the building and safety code compliance, longevity, or the ability to withstand abuse.
Please check with local building codes before constructing.

Riser Platform Detail

This detail shows a simple way to create a 10.5" raised platform with a 5" step.

1. Build a platform with 2x4's to the desired size including the step. Run the 2x4s perpendicular
to the step. Fill with R11 insulation (optional).
2. Build a platform of 2x6's, running perpendicular, on top of the 2x4 platform.
Make this platform 12-14" smaller to create a step. The last 2x6 nearest the shortened
end will be the riser for the step. Fill with R19 insulation (optional). You can also screw each
intersection of 2x6 joist to the lower 2x4 joist.
3. Apply 2 layers of 3/4" plywood, glued and screwed, to both the top
of the step and the top of the 2x6 platform.

As you can see, the actual height of the bottom step is the sum of
the 2x4 riser (3.5") + the thickness of the tread itself (two layers of 3/4" plywood, 1.5") = 5".
The height of the second step is the sum of the 2x6 riser (5.5") - the thickness of
the first tread (1.5") + the thickness of the top deck (two layers of 3/4" plywood, 1.5").

The benefit of this construction is that only the bottom 2x4 platform needs to be made from
treated lumber. Treated lumber MUST always be used when building on concrete. If you
were to build this using 2x10's, your overall height would end up being the sum of the
2x10 riser (9.5") + the thickness of the deck (1.5") = 11", and a first step overall height
of about 5.5".
Again, allowing for the thickness of the first tread (1.5") the bottom riser actually only
needs to be about 4". Then you still need to fasten this new step to 2x10 structure.
Also, the 2x10s would have to be treated lumber.
Obviously, these numbers will change as your overall desired platform height changes.
Just remember that any step height of more than 7.5" may not be allowed according to your
local building code. Also it is best to try to make the step heights the same, even if
it means two smaller steps, instead of one large one. The point is, always realize that
the height of first step riser is actually the same height as the other risers, lessened
by the thickness of the tread.

Below is a diagram to help you determine the depth of your riser decks.
The chair model that you choose will affect the dimentions.
However if you call us at 727-798-6949, we can help you to determine the dimentions before you buy.

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